Category: Announcement

  1. Funkwhale 1.2.6 bugfix release

    Fix all those bugs!

    @Sporiff and @Georg in Announcement

  2. Documentation localization

    Let's make documentation more helpful for everyone!

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  3. 2022 June update

    June has been a hot and busy month here at Funkwhale HQ ☀️

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  4. 2022 April and May update

    The last couple of months have been big for Funkwhale development. Let's dig into it ⛏

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  5. Funkwhale 1.2.5 bugfix release

    The updates keep comin' and they don't stop comin'

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  6. Funkwhale 1.2.4 bugfix release

    Another small release to keep things running smoothly 🧈

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  7. Changes incoming to

    We're working on a fresh new website, but nothing revolutionary

    @Mathieu in Announcement

  8. Funkwhale 1.2.3 bugfix release

    We're going on a bug hunt 🪲🔍

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  9. 2022 February and March update

    February was a very busy month. So busy, we didn't manage to publish our monthly update!

    @Sporiff in Announcement

  10. An update about the Funkwhale Collective

    The Funkwhale of today is in a fundamentally different position than the Funkwhale of yesterday. Let's talk about the future.

    @Sporiff in Announcement