Author: Sporiff

  1. Funkwhale 1.4.0 release candidate

    The 1.4.0 release candidate is here!

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  2. Happy Birthday Funkwhale!

    Today is our 8th birthday!

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  3. Funkwhale 1.4.0 feature highlight

    Let’s take a look at some of the new things shipping in Funkwhale 1.4.0!

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  4. Funkwhale 1.3.4 release

    Funkwhale 1.3.4 is a patch release that sets the stage for 1.4.0

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  5. Funkwhale 1.3.3 release

    Funkwhale 1.3.3 fixes a regression introduced in Funkwhale 1.3.2

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  6. Funkwhale 1.3.2 release

    Funkwhale 1.3.2 is a patch release containing bugfixes, dependency updates, and quality of life improvements

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  7. 1.3.1 Release

    Funkwhale 1.3.1 is here! This release contains several bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

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  8. Funkwhale 1.3.0 release

    Funkwhale 1.3.0 is finally here! Let's go through some of the changes in this blog post!

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  9. April and May 2023 Update

    The spring is behind us and the summer is finally here!

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  10. FFA 0.2.0 release

    Funkwhale for Android 0.2.0 is a small patch update with some welcome QOL improvements.

    @Sporiff in Release