Funkwhale 1.4.0 release

Hi everyone 🐳

After some testing and translating (thank you all!) we're excited to announce the release of Funkwhale 1.4.0. This is the first release following our new six-monthly release cycle 🥳

Important: This release drops support for Python 3.7. If you're running Debian 10, you either need to upgrade to a newer version of Debian or install Python 3.8 or above.

We went through some of the changes in our previous feature highlight post, but let's step through them again here so you're all up-to-date.

Changes 🚀

  • The Maloja plugin now supports sending duration and album artist metadata (!2359) - @phw
  • Admins can now choose to allow only content tagged with a MusicBrainz ID on their instance (docs) - @petitminion
  • We added support for two additional settings: Server Location and Moderation languages (!2604) - @gcrkrause, @sporiff
  • We added a command to migrate your in-place imports to S3-backed storage (docs) - @gcrkrause
  • We added support for a new Nodeinfo endpoint (spec) - @gcrkrause, @sporiff
  • We added new radio caching logic and endpoints to improve radio performace in future (!2430) - @petitminion
  • We've improved the superuser creation process by handling it in our management script (!2443) - @gcrkrause
  • Plugins now support boolean fields (!2334) - @phw
  • We updated our nginx templates to make them more consistent (!2547) - @gcrkrause

Bugfixes 🐛

Docs 📖

  • We've split up our huge changelog to archive all the pre-1.0 releases - @sporiff

That's all for now. Happy upgrade! 🐳

By @Sporiff in Release