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  1. The path to Funkwhale 2.0: more federation!

    Funkwhale’s selling point compare to other self-hosted media platforms is federation, but we don't do enough of it. Let's dive into how we want to change that.

    @Sporiff in Community

  2. The path to Funkwhale 2.0: a new app

    Part 2 of our Funkwhale 2.0 series. Let's talk about our plans to update the Funkwhale web application.

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  3. The path to Funkwhale 2.0: a new API

    What is Funkwhale 2.0? What do we need to do to get there? This is the first post in a series that explains what we want Funkwhale to be and how we plan to get there.

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  4. 2024 January update

    It’s a new year, which means it’s time for us to get back into the rhythm of writing regular updates.

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  5. Happy Birthday Funkwhale!

    Today is our 8th birthday!

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  6. April and May 2023 Update

    The spring is behind us and the summer is finally here!

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  7. Wrap-up 2021

    A short recap of important events at Funkwhale in 2021

    @Georg in Community

  8. Getting Involved with Funkwhale

    Funkwhale has been going for a few years now. As the project grows, we would like our community contributions to increase as well.

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  9. Working together on Funkwhale

    Today, I'd like to share a bit more how we work inside the Funkwhale collective.

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  10. Funkwhale Community Spotlight - Ginny

    It's time to shine a spotlight on another of our awesome community members!

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