Funkwhale 1.2.3 bugfix release

Hi everyone! 👋

As mentioned previously, we've had a busy couple of months! This doesn't mean we've stopped working on Funkwhale, though. Far from it! Today, we're pleased to announce a new bugfix release: 1.2.3.

A lot is going to change for 1.3.0, so we're using these bugfix releases to keep things running smoothly while we work.

Funkwhale 1.2.3 fixes the following issues:

  • Previously, radios would fail to start if there were no playable tracks. The button was active and we had no frontend error message for this, so it looked like the button did nothing! We've now added some logic to produce a more helpful error message and make the button inactive when this happens ⚠️
  • When we linted the codebase, we introduced a bug that made it impossible to create oauth applications. This has been fixed with a refactor of this code 🔐
  • Pod admins can limit the size of playlists. If a user tried to add more tracks than the limit allowed, the UI returned a success message but didn't add anything! We've now added proper error messages that inform the user of the limitation ❗️
  • Our "Recently Added" radio wasn't working as expected and was just picking out random tracks. We've enhanced this to use a default date range filter to make sure you're getting the most recent tracks 🎧
  • Some RSS feeds didn't show track information for episodes. This was caused by the software looking for an album cover for an associated album when there wasn't one! We've added a fix that shows a default album cover when none is available 💿
  • Pod admins and moderators may have noticed they couldn't change library visibility from the admin page. This was caused by a syntax error which has now been resolved 🧑‍⚖️
  • The delete button in the playlist editor was quite picky! You needed to directly click on the trash can icon rather than anywhere on the button. We've resolved this by making the whole button clickable 🗑

We've also added the following features:

  • We've replaced the unmaintained PyMemoize library with django-cache-momoize. This means we can now support Python 3.10 🐍
  • The embedded player previously didn't show any track covers if there was no album or series associated with the track. We've added support for all cover sources, so tracks with embedded art or with associated artist covers will look nicer 📸

As always, you can follow the upgrade instructions in our docs.

Happy upgrade, everyone! 🐋

By @Sporiff in Announcement