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  1. Blog post week 2020-08: some podcasts news, and a meetup

    What has happened since last time?

    Funkwhale Meetup in Paris

    We had our first meetup in Paris last Saturday and spent a lovely afternoon at L'Imprévu Café, with Funkwhale friends and crew. Thank you for joining us, and if you couldn't be there this time, don't worry, we'll have other …

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  2. Funkwhale Community Spotlight - Ginny

    It's time to shine a spotlight on another of our awesome community members!

    • Name: Ginny McQueen
    • Location: Champagne, France (previously USA)
    • Pronouns: she/her
    • Links:

    How did you discover Funkwhale?

    Fun story! Back in 2017, Eliot replied to a post I made on my Mastodon instance's federation …

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  3. Blog post week 2020-06: more funding and development news

    What has happened since last time?

    Regarding our funding

    As announced in our previous blog post, NLNet granted us 47,500€ to work on critical items in the Funkwhale roadmap.

    If you want to learn more about the details, and what tasks the funding will apply to, we've published an …

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  4. Blog post week 2020-04: we got funding!

    Development notes

    These days, the development effort is mainly focused on channels. We've seen significant progress on that front, and even though the remaining work is huge, we can share the very first screen with you.

    This link will bring you to our testing platform, and the new "Channel" screen …

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  5. Blog post week 2020-02: happy new year!

    What has happened since last time?

    Happy new year!

    Better late than sorry: we wish you the best for 2020! May this year be thrilling, joyful and full of good memories \<3

    Development notes

    With holidays, development has slowed, and we're getting back to it. But there have been exciting …

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  6. Funkwhale Community Spotlight - Unkle Bonehead

    It's time to shine a spotlight on another of our awesome community members!

    • Name: Unkle Bonehead aka Ryan Ridenour
    • Location: Since I'm a truck driver I can be anywhere. But I live in St Johns, MI, USA
    • Pronouns: he/him
    • Links: Bonehead Media Mastodon

    How did you discover Funkwhale?: I …

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  7. Blog post week 2019-48: a podcasting task force and an anniversary

    What has happened since last time?

    We're now in Fork Awesome!

    Thanks to a request from \@DeadSuperHero, our logo will be included in the next version of the Fork Awesome icon font.

    We're using Fork Awesome on various of the Funkwhale websites, and we'd like to use the occasion to …

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  8. Blog post week 2019-45: updates and native Android™ App

    What has happened since last time?

    First of all, we missed last week's blog entry. That's because we had a busy schedule that prevent us from publishing it, and we apologize.

    Updated YunoHost package

    Funkwhale's YunoHost package was updated from Funkwhale 0.19.1 to 0.20.1. This means …

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  9. Funkwhale Community Spotlight - Gordon

    It's the first Monday of the month again! Time for another community spotlight!

    • Name: Gordon
    • Location: Britain (France)
    • Pronouns: He/Him
    • Links: (a blog that didn’t receive updates for years), \@gordon\ on the fediverse

    How did you discover Funkwhale? I don’t remember exactly …

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  10. Blog post week 2019-42: a quiet time ;)

    What has happened since last time?

    It's been rather quiet lately. After the 0.20 release on October 4th, we took some time to rest, and we're slowly getting back to work.

    Funkwhale 0.20.1

    As with most new big releases, with introduced a few bugs in Funkwhale 0 …

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