Funkwhale 1.2.10 release

Hi everyone 🐳

We know you're all waiting patiently for 1.3.0. We're still working on some issues raised with the RC (which you can check out in the milestone board), but in the meantime we have another small patch release for you.

Funkwhale 1.2.10 fixes a security bug which enables anonymous access to media files regardless of account access. The issue is caused by misconfigured Nginx templates, so please make sure to update your Nginx files to the latest version or update any custom templates to include the changes found in this commit. This issue affects all deployment methods.

Huge thank you to Conradowatz for reporting the issue on our forum, to JuniorJPDJ for putting in a fix, and to georgkrause for coordinating the release 🙏

As always, you can follow the upgrade instructions in our docs to get yourself up-to-date.

That's all for now! Happy upgrade 🐋

By @Sporiff in Release