Funkwhale 1.2.1 bugfix release

Hello again everybody! 👋

As mentioned in our Funkwhale 1.2.0 release announcement, we have been working on a new bugfix release behind the scenes to address a couple of minor issues. We're pleased to announce that Funkwhale 1.2.1 is now ready for download. As always, you can follow the upgrade instructions in our docs.

This new release fixes the following issues:

  • Our pipeline wasn't generating artifacts properly, leading to our upgrade and install instructions not working as expected. This has now been amended, so you can download artifacts as expected 🛠
  • The remote content page for libraries showed a blank screen, meaning you were missing out on your remote libraries. This has been amended, so you can now get back to jamming out to tunes on other pods 🎸

That's all for now. Just keep swimming! 🐋

By @Sporiff in Announcement