Funkwhale 1.2.0 is out!

It's free! It's out! Funkwhale 1.2.0 has finally been published and pushed out for you to enjoy.

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Funkwhale 1.2.0 marks a huge release with a lot of changes across the project. As always, you can follow the upgrade instructions in our docs to update your instance.

Important instructions for non-Docker deployments

Due to an issue in the publishing pipeline, the 1.2.0 build has no artifacts associated with it. If you are updating or installing a non-Docker deployment, you need to replace the $FUNKWHALE_VERSION placeholder in the static file and API artifact download steps with 81069 and 81072 respectively.

  • – Frontend
  • – API

This will be fixed in an upcoming bugfix release 🙏

What's new?

This release brings with it a lot of new features, enhancements, and bugfixes that should make your listening experience more enjoyable. While most of the work for this release has been under the hood, there have also been some significant UI and UX changes aimed at making Funkwhale easier to use and more pleasing to look at. As always, you can find the full list of changes in our Changelog, but let's go through a few of them here just to get you hyped up 🕺

New features

New features are always the most fun, so let's run through them first!

  • We've added a "Recently Added" radio to enable you to start playing all the most recent content on your pod 🎧
  • We have completely redesigned the pod "About" page to make it easier to share information about your pod with users. It also just looks a lot cleaner and cooler now 😎
  • We've deprecated the footer and moved all of its content to a neat little dropdown menu in the sidebar. The new profile menu is a much neater way of getting around and gives you more space to navigate your pod 🧭
  • We've completely revamped how track tables are laid out and unified this across the app. Track tables are more dynamic both in terms of usability and responsiveness. No more weird formatting on mobile 📱
  • Users of Maloja can now submit scrobbles from Funkwhale using the new Maloja plugin 🔌


  • You can now broadcast your listening activity for all the world to see! The new activity visibility makes it so that even remote users can see what you're rocking out to 🤘
  • Subsonic users can now get even more out of Funkwhale with newly added support for artist cover art and additional metadata 📡
  • ARM users can now set up Funkwhale in the wink of an eye with our new multiarch Docker containers ⚡️


As usual, we've also stomped out some bugs with this latest release. We won't bore you with all the details here, but let's highlight a few that might have been annoying you:

  • The volume slider can now be adjusted linearly rather than in steps, making for a smooth-as-butter experience 🧈
  • Tags will now only be suggested once when creating a search filter 🔎
  • The playback volume is now set globally, so it won't jump around when the track changes 🎚
  • The embed option is now visible for tracks in channels, so you can start sharing these with your friends 🎁

Anything else?

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes for this release, mostly aimed at making contribution and maintenance easier. Let's highlight a few of these:

  • We've deprecated the "master" branch in our repository. This will be replaced with a new branch name for 1.3.0 👩‍💻
  • We've linted our entire frontend codebase and added new checks to make sure we catch as many errors as possible before merging them into the codebase 🐛
  • We've improved our build processes and tooling to make the whole pipeline easier to deal with 🛠
  • We've removed the deprecated JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication method to reduce overhead and improve security 🔐
  • We've updated a host of dependencies for both our frontend and backend codebase 👷‍♀️

Thank you

As always, we'd like to thank everybody who got involved with this release: coders, designers, testers, translators, and users alike have helped shape this release up to be our best yet!

By @Sporiff in Announcement