Logbook, week 22 (2019-20)

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After nearly three months of development and weeks of testing, Funkwhale 0.19 was released yesterday, with a tons of new features and improvement.

I already wrote a dedicated blogpost yesterday about this milestone, and what will come next for the project in terms of perspective and challenges.

It's completely non-technical, and I tried to explain how our work on project management and association for Funkwhale actually impact the development.

Apart from the release, the week was really quiet in terms of development. Most of my time was spent doing sysadmin work:

Our dashboards received some attention too: incorrect numbers and buggy graphs were fixed, and new ones added. Hopefully, it should now give a better overview of the current state and evolution of the network!

Project management

Our first general assembly takes place this Sunday and, as you would expect, it requires careful preparation and communication.

In parallel, we're continuing the work on the roadmap with Ginny. Our goal is to have a structured roadmap for the 0.20 release next week, before we start the development.


I had two critical milestones this week:

  1. The 0.19 release, which went quite good!
  2. The General Assembly, which is coming fast. I'm still under a lot of stress about it, as it comes after months of hard work from lot of people, and will have a huge impact on the future of the project

I'm leaving next Friday for 10 days of (really needed) vacation. I'll try to publish a blog post, but if it's not possible, I'll be back the first week of June.

See you soon!

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