Logbook, week 21 (2019-20)

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Project management

Yes, today, this section comes first! I'm incredibly happy and excited to announce you that our first General Assembly will take place next week on Sunday 19th, at 6PM (UTC+2).

The assembly is open for anyone to join. We will vote on critical decisions for the future of the project and the collective, so if you're interested in Funkwhale, you probably want to attend :D

For more details about the organization/logisticts/agenda, please have a look at our forum.


The testing phase of the 0.19 is going smoothly. I've released a second candidate this morning, that contains some bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Lots of issues with the player that were introduced with the first RC should be solved
  • It's now possible to serve audio content directly from a S3 bucket
  • It includes latest translations for various languages
  • It contains some documentation enhancements submitted by @sporiff and @renon

I think we'll have the final 0.19 release next week.

@Kaze, one of our community member is also looking for feedback and help before starting to work on a dedicated, native Desktop client for Funkwhale. If you're a user, designer or developer and have some interest in such a project, get in touch on the dedicated forum topic ;)


I feel a lot of excitation, relief (and some stress too, let's face it :D) with the upcoming General Assembly. Overall, I think we are well-prepared for the event, and knowing our months of discussions and writing are finally paying of makes the event really big for me.

See you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement