Logbook, week 20 (2019-17)

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For personal reasons, I had to take a few days off last week, meaning no weekly logbook was published on April 26 :)


The main event of last week was the release of our new website! @Robin finished to work on the illustrations, and I took some time to integrate the feedback that was shared during the beta phase (especially an "Apps" page that wasn't planned in the initial design).

Many, many, many thanks to Robin, our translators and all the people who took some time to report issues and suggest improvements! You can visit the website itself at https://funkwhale.audio.

As for Funkwhale itself, we've seen few contributions to the project recently:

In parallel, the work for the 0.19 release continued. ~20 tickets were fixed over the past two weeks, including:

Since all the tickets for the 0.19 release were solved, I published a release candidate yesterday. You can expect the final release to be published around May 16, to leave time for testers to report bugs, and for translators to complete translations for new strings.

To test our brand new OAuth2 support with a real life scenario, I've also updated our Mopidy plugin

to leverage this new authentication and authorization workflow I had to fix a few small things but it works great so far!

Project management

Guess what? We have candidates for all our collective seats:


  • @auzzy - president
  • @lindan - treasurer
  • @gordon - secretary

Steering Commitee:

  • @sporiff
  • @robin
  • @agate

Moderation Commitee:

  • @ginnymcqueen
  • @ren

We've started to discuss the organization of the General Assembly, and it's possible we launch the collective this month. The assembly itself will be open to anyone, and we'll let you know when we have the date ;)

The abuse audit started by @Ginny a few weeks ago was completed last week, with an open poll to decide of the priorities. Especially, allow-listing, content deletion and report option were identified as the most urgent items to implement.


Even though I've been more tired lately, lots of long-running projects and tasks were either completed or reached the next step over the past two weeks:

  • the new website was deployed
  • the 0.19 release is almost there
  • it's a matter of weeks (maybe days) before we have an official collective
  • the medium/long-term roadmap is shaping

This gives me a lot of energy and optimism for the future of the project and the community!

See you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement