Logbook, week 18 (2019-15)

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This week @Jee contributed an improvement to our Docker-Compose file, and several contributors from my workshop during the JDLL contributed to Funkwhale too:

Thank you for your help!

@Bignose also contributed a nice quality of life improvement: the browser tab will now display the title and artist name of the currently playing track!

I've continued to work on the metadata update feature. It literally started months ago, and progress is slow, but steady. This week, I've commited the first working version of a federated metadata update, and started to work on a dedicated admin UI to manage artists, albums, tracks, libraries and uploads.

This is part of our ongoing effort to give more control and power to server admins and moderators toward the content they are hosting.

@Ginny continued working on a general ongoing abuse audit of the Funkwhale software. Based on the findings, we'll be able to prioritize design, development and bugfixing for the most critical issues, and integrate the rest in our future developments.

Project management

On the collective side, things are starting to look good, since we now have candidates for almost every seat.

Thanks to community feedback, I've spent some time today to tidy up a bit our forum and create two dedicated subgroups:

  • A "Development" subgroup, for topics related to the development of Funkwhale (the software): ideas, feature requests, roadmap, translation coordination…
  • A "Project management" subgroup, for topics related to the organization of the community and contributions: meetings, discussions about the collective, the roadmap, our decision process…

Existing discussions were moved to those new categories. It should reduce the noise, an help community members to find relevant topics :)


After the JDLL week-end, that was very intense, I'm both excited and tired. That's why this week was slower for me than usual, even though I'm really happy with the big progress on the metadata update.

I expect the dust to settle soon and to have more energy in the upcoming days.

See you next week!

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