Logbook, week 17 (2019-14)

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This week, we started a redesign of our official website, https://funkwhale.audio. After weeks of discussions and brainstorming.

Once complete, this new version will feature:

  • Multilingual content
  • A better, non-technical explanation of how Funkwhale work how it is similar and different from known services and projects
  • A list of public instances to help visitors find a place to join
  • a page dedicated to our community, explaining how to join our community spaces
  • A cleaner, mobile-first design
  • Hand-crafted illustrations of Betty, made by @Robin

Lots of feedback regarding this new version was submitted, and you can share yours too.

Additionally, @Bignose submit an interesting MR this week, to include the title and artist name of the currently playing song in the browser tab title. It will be included in the next release.

I've also spent two days redesigning the way Funkwhale retrieve audio metadata from audio files, to support a better error handling and display meaningful errors to the end users when anything goes wrong. Here again, it will land in the next release.

Project management

After our Loomio migration from next week, we're slowly taking our marks on this new tool.

We've seen a lot of interesting discussions already:

The decisions feature of Loomio proved itself to be especially helpful during the roadmap discussions. It allowed us to quickly get a grasp of what were the priorities for the community, as shown below:

The vote is closing in a few days, and you can create a Loomio account to participate!


I'm starting to see the end of the 0.19 release with the work done recently on OAuth and error handling. There is still the metadata update feature to complete, and some bugs to fix, obviously, but I'd say the hardest part is behind us.

I'm also quite happy new candidates have expressed their will to get involved in our collective. I can't wait to launch the association!

I'm leaving in a few hours for Lyon, and I'll be back on Sunday. See you this week-end if you are attending the JDLL, or next week otherwise!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement