Logbook, week 16 (2019-13)

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It's real, OAuth2 support in Funkwhale was merged earlier this week, as well as an improved API documentation!

As a result, the next release (0.19) will make it considerably easier for third-party projects and applications to integrate with Funkwhale and build new and interesting features and interfaces!

After almost a month working on this, I have to say I feel relieved ;)

I also continued to work on Funkwhale.audio redesign and made a lot of progress. I expect to have more to share next week.

Project management

Project management was buzzing though! We migrated our community forum to Loomio, for reasons outlined on our old forum.

It was a time-consuming task but also needed to guarantee our independence and improve our decision making processes.

We'll be progressively migrating existing discussions opened on Socialhub.network to our Loomio instance, but you can already open new topics there and participate in ongoing discussions and debates!

Especially, @Ginny relaunched the discussion that was opened months ago to bring Podcast support into Funkwhale, and you may want to give your feedback.

We're still looking for candidates for management positions in the new collective. Right now, we roughly have half the candidates we need. If you're even remotely interested curious, come ask your questions and introduce yourself :)


It was an interesting and diverse week in terms of tasks and achievements and I'm reaching the week-end with a lot of positive thoughts and energy.

I'll be in Lyon, France next week-end for the JDLL. If you plan to be there too, drop me a message so we can meet and greet.

See you next week!

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