Logbook, week 14 (2019-11)

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Over the past week, @sporiff contributed a lot of documentation, including new guides and structural changes to ensure our documentation can scale properly.

@deltadelta and @renon also contributed additional documentation, respectively for content removal and instructions for backing up Funkwhale instances.

The YunoHost package for Funkwhale 0.18 was officially released earlier this week by @jibec and @PierrickBrun. If you have a Funkwhale instance deployed via YunoHost, you probably want to upgrade ;)

@gordon and I spent some time working together on authentication/authorization. Our goal was to kickstart the work on 2-factor auth and OAuth.

We've started the OAuth implementation, and this is exciting news, as it will bring a better and more robust authentication/permission scheme in the app, and was the last big missing piece to allow third-party apps developers to integrate with Funkwhale!

Finally, following the work done by @troll, I've started to work on the content for the funkwhale.audio redesign.

Project management

Lots of things happened this week. First of all, we now have an official Code of Conduct. Many thanks to @Ginny

A french translation of this document quickly followed, and was contributed by @Arr0w_root, @teslawf, @gordon, @albakham and @adrien.

We've started a bunch of important discussions on the forum:

  • Internal moderation rules draft: to agree on the rules/processes that will apply to our moderators
  • An initial roadmap for Funkwhale: to design a roadmap for the project and keep focus

Having your feedback on those topics would be really helpful :)

One final thing: Funkwhale Sync #4, will take place this Sunday, at 18:00 UTC+1. Come and join us!


This week had a really good vibe, and lot of tasks were started and completed.

For plenty of them, I wasn't even involved (or just for the review part) which gives me more peace of mind, and the freedom to focus on other things.

Dear Funkwhale community: you are amazing! I can't wait to see you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement