Logbook, week 13 (2019-10)

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This week developments were focused on bugfixing and enhancements. @Jovuit contributed some fixes and enhancement for the frontend, @gerry_the_hat started interesting discussions: one regarding Funkwhale's behaviour when it come to CLI import and one suggesting we implement UPnP to make Funkwhale content accessible to devices connected on the same network.

Earlier this week I focused my energy on implementing real JSON-LD support in Funkwhale. Even though it's completely invisible work, it was needed to bring potential compatibility with other fediverse software, to improve the robustness of the federation code, and to continue working on metadata updates.

After that, I fixed a handful of small bugs, some related to notifications, some to federation. Thanks to reports and screenshots provided by @ariasuni, I also had a front-end improving afternoon to fix a lot of small glitches and annoying things (especially on smaller screens)

Finally, since @Jovuit contextualized almost all of our source strings, I dedicated this morning to write a script to automatically populate those new strings with previous matching translations. This will drastically reduce the work load generated by the contextualization for our kind translators ;)

Project management

It's time for Funkwhale Sync #4, and you're welcome to join us! Date is not fixed yet and you can suggest a slot that work for you :)

We're also in the process of writing our final Code of Conduct and looking for feedback. This CoC will be an important step to improve the safety and inclusivity of our community!

One final thing, if you're involved in Funkwhale's community, we'd appreciate it if you could indicate your pronouns in your bio or display name.


This week was better for me than the previous ones. I 've felt less distracted and more productive.

See you next week :)

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