Logbook, week 12 (2019-09)

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Most of the contributions this week were small bugfixes or improvements, made by @Elza and @Renon.

@Jovuit also almost finished the huge contextualization work on translations, that started a month ago!

On a personal level, I've merged the first big chunk of the metadata update feature, and I'm now working

on the remaining part, which is huge as well, because it involves federation.

I'm starting to be a bit worried regarding the amount of bugs that are opened. I need to focus

on big features right now, but by doing that, I have to neglect smaller yet important issues.

Once the metadata thing is done, I think I will dedicate my energy toward bugfixes.

Project management

In case you missed that, Ginny joined the project earlier this week to help us with community and organization work.

I spent some time this week to help with her onboarding, and also on personal administrative stuff.


I kinda feel this week was calm, but if I'm really objective, Ginny working with us is a big

thing in itself. Even though development stuff was more quiet than usual, progress was made!

See you next week :)

By @Funkwhale in Announcement