Logbook, week 11 (2019-08)

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We're received a few interesting contributions this week!

@Sporiff contributed a lot of documentation, especially some guides to tag your music library with Picard and do common administration tasks via Django's admin backend. He's also spend a lot of time and energy answering support requests, which allowed me to focus on other tasks.

@Renon fixed a longstanding bug in our documentation, and @Jovuit fixed a lot of small annoying issues with our frontend.

@jibec and Pierrick Brun have almost completed the work on the YunoHost package upgrade to the 0.18.2 release, and could use some feedback about that!

Thanks to a suggestion by @Floreal, I've been able to properly implement auto-embedding of the player when sharing a Funkwhale URL on Mastodon (and other software supporting twitter cards).

The player was a bit ugly and cluttered on smaller resolution, so @Tixie brought it to the next level and it should now render great on a large variety of devices, regardless of the screen width and height, as shown below:

On a personal note, this week development time was focused on the big metadata update feature. I now have the basic APIs and UI to suggest and browse edits on track metadata, as shown in this video:

Next steps include generalizing this to support update on artists and albums, and federating those changes to other instances.

Project management

As promised last week, you can find a summary of our conclusions from Funkwhale Sync #3 on our forum. This should give you some insight about the next steps!

@Sporiff also launched a discussion regarding our documentation, how it is structured and how we could improve it in the future. You probably want to check it out ;)


I'm a bit struggling with my current rhythm. Recent events in my personal life prevent me to be as focused on Funkwhale as I was in January and December.

I'm probably reaching a second phase of my work on Funkwhale: after almost three months switching to full-time work on the project, I expected the energy to diminish a bit.

Still, I think things are moving forward, event if at a slightly slower speed, and it's good to see other people contributing to the project!

See you next week :)

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