Logbook, week 10 (2019-07)

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Funkwhale 0.18.2 was released this week, and fixes a few annoying bugs. The work on translation contextualization continued, led by @Jovuit, who made good progress, and @jake contributed a brand new Albums list view.

We've also received some documentation improvements regarding third-party apps setup from @Sporiff.

On a personal level, I've implemented the new feature to support hiding artist content in the UI, and it will be shipped in Funkwhale 0.19

Project management

Since we had Funkwhale Sync #3 on Sunday, I spent a lot of time discussing with @Gordon, integrating the feedback we received, and preparing the second version of our statuses.

The meeting itself was productive, thanks to the involvement of all participants. We were 13 at some point in the meeting, and the combination of vocal/written discussion worked quite well. I expect the discussion to be even smoother in next meetings, once we get use to this new format :)

The recording (french) is available on open.audio, but it will probably be hard to follow since we often forgot to read what was being written in the chat.

I've been working on a new forum topic to summarize the concrete modifications that you can expect on the non-profit statuses, and it should be published over the week-end.

Again, many thanks to everyone who dedicated time this sunday to join us and help us improve the project: Melunaka, Tixie, Albakham, Audrey, Gordon, Floréal, OniriCorpse, Hælwenn, Troll, Theof, Jovuit, Milia, Nhaddag. Your presence and interventions were really appreciated and useful!


This week was a short too, as I was off monday afternoon and tuesday. However, I'm really happy with the progress we've made, and I can actually start to imagine our non-profit being up and running.

The work on the statuses has been quite exigeant, and even frustrating sometimes but, even if it's not over yet, I kind of feel the hardest part is behind us: once we have the statuses, everything should be considerably easier afterwards!

See you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement