Logbook, week 9 (2019-06)

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\@jovuit started to work on translations contextualization which should improve

the overall quality of Funkwhale translations, by giving more context to translators, leading

to more accurate translations.

One issue was found in one of our dependency, breaking user uploads, and I spent

some time investigating that and working on a fix.

Two interesting feature requests were also submitted:

Project management

Funkwhale Sync #3

will take place this sunday, at 16:00 (CET), and we'll discuss our progress on the non-profit and our next steps.

Another key topic is the lack of diversity in Funkwhale's community and the concrete actions we should take to ensure

the situation improves.

Please, join us if have something to say on that matters! The tool we use for the meeting has an embeded text chat you can use

instead of a microphone to share your questions and insights during the meeting.


This week was short, and I multi-tasked a lot, which is not something I'm really good at.

I feel a bit tired because of that and the week-end I spent in Brussels, at Fosdem 2019.

I expect next week to be calmer, especially since Funkwhale Sync #3 will be over ;)

See you next week!

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