Logbook, week 19 (2019-16)

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Most of the development effort made by external contributors this week was focused on feature requests/design/specifications:

As for the anti-abuse thread, we're now going to the next step and started an open poll to evaluate the priority of each item. Join the group and cast your vote!

@Robin has been working on extra cute illustrations for Funkwhale and we'll be able to share them really soon (probably next week)!

Finally, I'm incredibly happy to say that the metadata feature/admin UI feature is merged and complete. I'm merged the last bit of interface this morning, and even though I expect some tweaks, improvements and fixes in the future, the whole thing is usable and stable enough!

Project management

Things were a bit slower on the project management side this week, but we do have two new candidates for the collective, @Auzzy and @Robin.

I'm going to push the collective creation forward starting from next week.


I feel quite relieved that my work on the metadata updates / admin UI, started 3 months ago, has come to an end today. I will be focusing on something else, and my brain needs this!

I've also got back all my energy and productivity this week :)

See you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement