Logbook, week 15 (2019-12)

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This week, @Alexander contributed some documentation for the Gentoo platform, @Jovuit completed the work on string contextualization, @Sporiff documented our documentation process (wow, meta ;) and integrated a longstanding enhancement.

Work on OAuth support continued too, and even though it's been a while, I'm pretty confident it will be completed next week.

Finally, Funkwhale 0.18.3 was released yesterday, with a lot of bugfixes and enhancements!

Project management

Our journey toward a legal entity behind the project continued:

  • We have moderation rules/guidelines, thanks to @Ginny
  • The call for candidates is now open: we want you to get involved in this new structure!
  • We're looking for a name for the collective. Feel free to jump in, share your ideas or give us feedback!

You may have noticed the last link is on a new tool. It's a new platform I've setup today, at https://governance.funkwhale.audio, based on a project called Loomio. This is similar to a forum, but with additional features to reach consensus and make decisions within communities as ours. You can freely sign up and start using it today :)

Finally, thanks to @Ginny and @Robin, we now have a mascot, called Betty!


I'm a bit sad not to have completed the OAuth work this week, but this week was pretty busy and productive overall.

I feel relieved to have Funkwhale 0.18.3 out, since multiple bugs were consistently affecting end users and should now be solved.

See you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement