1.3.1 Release

Hi everyone 🐳

The Funkwhale team has had a busy month of bugfixing, planning, and preparing our next minor release. As a result, we're pleased to announce the first bugfix release for Funkwhale 1.3.0! Let's take a look at what's changed.


If you updated to Funkwhale 1.3.0 on Debian 10 or any other environment using Python 3.7, you might have experienced some issues. This was caused by a mistake in our dependency definitions and is now fixed:

Make sure dependency pins are working with pip install (Restores python3.7 support)

During the work on 1.3.0, we changed the deployment architecture to make it easier to maintain. Sadly this resulted in broken embedded tracks for all URLs generated prior to the 1.3.0 update. We've added a fix so old embed codes continue to work. #2159

If you are running in-place imports regularly, you probably have a lot of skipped tracks in the database. If this list grew over months, deleting skipped tracks might caused Funkwhale to crash. We fixed this now. #2136


  • We fixed an issue that caused issues when connecting to the websocket (#2113)
  • We fixed an issue that caused library edits to be unapprovable (#2121)
  • Logging out now properly clears the indexedDB (#2133)
  • We fixed a bug that caused pagination to not work on search pages (#2134)
  • We fixed an issue that caused errors when building radios (#2142)
  • We fixed the mount location of custom Nginx files in the docker-compose file (#2146)
  • The PWA Window now has the right theme color
  • We fixed an issue that caused banner images to not be served on pods
  • The SPA Manifest is now fetched using the right protocol (#2151)
  • Modals now appear on top of all other content (#2154)
  • We fixed an issue that prevented anonymous users from viewing public podcasts (#2155)
  • Tracks are now removed from cache when they are disposed outside of the cache handler (#2157)
  • SystemExit exceptions are now raised in API manage.py script


  • CI is no longer run on branches containing "stable" or "develop"
By @Sporiff in Release