FFA 0.2.0 release

Hi everyone 🐳

We're pleased to announce the release of Funkwhale for Android 0.2.0! 🎉 This is a small release to bring the app in line with Google Play's new API version requirements, but we've also added a few new features and bugfixes in for good measure!

  • PhieF added filtering to the favorites view, so you can more easily find that track you were looking for 🎧
  • hdasch added the option to skip backwards after pausing by a configurable number of seconds. This means you won't miss anything if you pause and resume playback 🎶
  • ryan_harg tweaked the cover art logic so that the app now shows the track cover art in the album track list 🖼️
  • christophehenry made sure that the mini player overlay always stays on top of the app so you can't lose it 🔎
  • rickosborne improved the caching logic to stop cover art from disappearing 🫥

Huge thanks to everyone involved, and to ryan_harg and georgkrause for managing the update and release 🙏

Funkwhale for Android 0.2.0 is available now on the Funkwhale F-Droid repository, and should be available in the main F-Droid repository soon. Google Play will take a little longer as it's a manual process to update the APK, but we'll get there eventually 💪 If you want to get the update sooner, consider installing F-Droid to discover a world of free and open source Android apps.

Happy upgrade 🐋

By @Sporiff in Release