Blog post, week 26

What happened since last time?

Allow-listing is now implemented!

Allow-listing is the first of the big features planned for the 0.20 release. The implementation was completed last week and went ok!

You'll have to wait for the release to try it, unless you're running your pod on the develop branch ;)

We're convinced this feature will increase the safety of our community and users.

Customizable Landing Page For Instances

A poll was open to decide whether we were ready to move on to the next step (ie: start the implementation) or we missed something.

@hellekin suggested there should be a music player on the landing page, since Funkwhale is audio oriented and users might expect that. We're still not 100% ready, but, we're likely to move on to implementation soon!

Keyboard shortcuts in web app

Offering a wide range of keyboard shortcuts in a webapp like Funkwhale can improve the accessibility and experience for everyone.

@Sporiff took some time to clean up existing shortcuts and implement new ones. Keyboard shortcuts now cover all core actions such as:

  • Volume control
  • Search
  • Playback control (pause, play, seeking)
  • Queue control (Next, previous, clear, looping)
  • Add current track to favorites


A dedicated forum on Loomio was launched. You can join us and follow the discussions about Retribute there

We started to talk about the creation of a website for the base domain and what we should find in it.

0.19.1 release

Funkwhale 0.19.1 was released this morning with a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Upgrade is of course recommended ;)

Many thanks to the all amazing contributors who reported, tested, fixed, reviewed and documented everything ❤️

By @Funkwhale in Announcement