Blog post, week 25

What happened since last time?


The Association statutes were submitted to the french .gov website earlier this week. It shouldn’t be long before The Funkwhale Collective is officially created and ready to welcome new members!


Retribute is another project of @Agate to help you support your favorite artists. Until the official website is up, you can read more about it on Agate's blog

After a discussion on Loomio, a poll was launched on the Fediverse to ask if Retribute should be developed under the Funkwhale umbrella .

The result is quite unanimous and we are very happy to welcome Retribute in the Funkwhale family :)

Customizable Landing Page For Pods

@ginny started a discussion regarding pod's landing page. The idea is to make this page more useful for everyone, by including customizable content provided by pod admins.

Join the discussion to help us designing this!


Funkwhale 0.19.1 is coming soon with several bugfixes and enhancements.

In parallel, we've seen some interesting progress on the 0.20 release. The backend part for allow-listing is now implemented, meaning only the UI remains.

We also took the occasion to make the moderation logic pluggable, using a system similar to Pleroma's MRF. This means that, as a pod owner, you'll be able to design more complex and automated moderation tools if the ones we provide are not enough!

Happy birthday Funkwhale

It's not actually Funkwhale's birthday, but it's been exactly two years since the reboot of the project was officially announced, on Music Day 2017.

Let's take a moment to celebrate what we've accomplished, and see you next week!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement