Blog post, week 2019-24

What happened since last time?

Finalized roadmap for Funkwhale 0.20

We now have a final roadmap for the 0.20 release, meaning we can start development. This is the list of new features that will be implemented:

  • Easier Discovery of music via genres/tags
  • Admin ability to delete users/content (content is already implemented)
  • Allow-listing
  • Report option on everything

Software development activity

Since last time, we've seen a lot of small bugfixes that will likely be included in the 0.19.1 release. In particular, some documentation, translations, and front-end-related contributions.

With the 0.20 roadmap now being officially ready, you can expect more activity to happen within the repository.

General Assembly

Our first General Assembly took place on May 19th and went very well :)

We voted on many subjects:

  • We are now officially named: The Funkwhale Collective
  • We approved our drafted statutes
  • We decided of the membership fees: the chosen membership fee is free, starting with 1€ per year.
  • We elected the candidates for the various decision bodies:


@auzzy: president

@lindan: treasurer

@gordon: secretary

Steering Commitee




Moderation Commitee



Building a group of Code Reviewers

As part of our ongoing effort to transition to a "Benevolent Dictator" to a community-driven governance, we're in the process of building a group of reviewers that are willing to review contributions made to Funkwhale.

Because lots of those contributions are done by @agate, having systematic reviews will reduce the bus factor and ensure the contributions are understood and approved by other community members.

We're maintaining an open pad with reviewers name and area of interests, so feel free to add your name to this list :)

Naming Betty’s friends

Ginny started a thread Naming Betty’s friends where everyone was invited to suggest names for the animals created by Robin and visible on

So you already know Betty the blue whale and our mascot,

The green whale is Harriet,

The pink whale is Wanda,

The octopus is Otto,

The stingray is Serenity.

Coordinate translations

Agate started a thread Coordinate translations to keep track of contributors and reviewers for each language in which is translated.

Discussions on a future desktop client

Discussions and debates are continuing in the thread started by @Kaze to launch the development of a dedicated, multiplatform desktop client for Funkwhale.

A poll was opened this week to identify core priorities and features, and will remain opened for a few weeks. If you want to see this happen, remember to cast your vote!

We would like to thank all the Funkwhale community, so many wonderful folks involved in this great adventure !

This article was written by Agate and Robin.

By @Funkwhale in Announcement