Blog post week 2020-15: first release candidate for Funkwhale 0.21

What has happened since last time?

Funkwhale 0.21-rc1 is out

Our first release candidate (RC) is out and ready for wider testing by the community!

It should be stable enough for further testing, although some bugs may occur. If you feel like it, have a look at the forum post linked above to get instructions on how to upgrade and what to test.

We want to get as much feedback as possible regarding bugs and regressions before the final release, scheduled around April 21, so don't wait too much ;)

What's new?

You can read the full changelog, but here is an excerpt of the main changes and features included in this release:

  • Support for publishing and subscribing to podcasts (Channels)
  • Brand new navigation, queue and player redesign
  • Browse a library content through the UI
  • Federated reports
  • Screening for sign-ups
  • Make it possible to enforce email verification

Ginny put together a couple of blog posts to give you an in-depth preview of the new moderation features, and the new channels features, you should definitely have a look if you're curious!

Thank you!

Overall, more than 35 people contributed to this release, and counting. Be it with feedback, translations, design, development, third-party integrations, testing, their work is truly invaluable.

Thank you Agate, annando, Anton Strömkvist, Audrey, ButterflyOfFire, Ciarán Ainsworth, dashie, Eloisa, eorn, Francesc Galí, GinnyMcQueen, guillermau, Haelwenn, jinxx, Jonathan Aylard, Keunes, M.G, marzzzello, Mathé Grievink, Mélanie Chauvel, Mjourdan, Morgan Kesler, Noe Gaumont, Noureddine HADDAG, Ollie, Peter Wickenberg, Renon, Satsuki Yanagi, Shlee, techknowlogick, ThibG, Tony Wasserka, unklebonehead, wakest, wxcafé, Xosé M and everyone else way me have forgot in this list <3

We're also extremely grateful to NLNet and all our supporters and donors, for making it possible to work on Funkwhale in a sustainable way!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement