0.21 Preview: Channels Feature

Expanding Funkwhale to be podcast friendly has been the culmination of months of community work, and we're so excited to finally show it to you!

Channels are here! Users can now create channels which makes it easy for users to have their music, podcasts, and other audio manageable from one user account, with listeners able to subscribe to channels individually.

Here is a preview of the channel creation:

And here is what the subscription feature looks like:

There's lots more to this feature, such as batch uploads and meta data editing, and a whole redesign of the single track page:

Not only does each Funkwhale channel have its own RSS feed for easy subscription by listeners outside of Funkwhale, but podcasts and other audio hosted elsewhere can be subscribed to via its RSS feed inside Funkwhale. This means you can have all your subscriptions in once place for easy listening and management right from your Funkwhale account.

In addition, Funkwhale channels can be followed from other federated services: Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica and Reel2Bits!

We want to again thank the community for their amazing work on these features from the idea stage, to testing, to coding. We could not have gotten to this release without you!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement