Blog post week 2020-02: happy new year!

What has happened since last time?

Happy new year!

Better late than sorry: we wish you the best for 2020! May this year be thrilling, joyful and full of good memories <3

Development notes

With holidays, development has slowed, and we're getting back to it. But there have been exciting changes since our last blog post:

What about podcasting?

We've continued our weekly meetings to design the podcasting/channels feature, and made a lot of progress. Implementation of the first screens should start next week, and focus first on the listener experience.

Funkwhale Community Spotlight

Our monthly interview for January was published yesterday. This time, we feature @Unklebonhead, who joined the podcasting working group in december!

Funkwhale at Fosdem

While we won't have a stand or presentation at Fosdem, some of us (@agate and @gordon) will attend. Feel free to reach out if you want to meet there!

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