Blog post week 2019-45: updates and native Android™ App

What has happened since last time?

First of all, we missed last week's blog entry. That's because we had a busy schedule that prevent us from publishing it, and we apologize.

Updated YunoHost package

Funkwhale's YunoHost package was updated from Funkwhale 0.19.1 to 0.20.1. This means that you can update your YunoHost install and benefit from the latest features and fixes.

Thanks @jibec for you work!

Following the design discussion at, we've made progress on the redesign implementation.

This redesign will bring a better user experience on both mobile and desktop, thanks to a cleaner navigation and a complete overhaul of the queue and player.

Up-to-date videos and links to live-test the redesign can be found at Remember to share your feedback!

Many thanks to @mjourdan for their amazing work on the wireframes and their involvement in the discussion.

Otter, a native Android™ App for Funkwhale

@apognu recently published a beta version of a native Android™ app for Funkwhale, named Otter.

Compared to other Android™ apps such as DSub, Otter is way easier to setup, and more tailored to Funkwhale, because it uses our APIs (instead of Subsonic APIs).

Otter's features, as of this writing, are the following:

  • Basic collection browsing (artists, albums and tracks)
  • Playlists listing
  • Favorites management (listing and add/remove)
  • Track search
  • Queue management
  • Caching of played tracks (played tracks work offline)
  • Dark mode

The app is available for free on the Play Store and directly as an APK from GitHub. Release on F-Droid is planned soon.

Please send any feedback you may have on the GitHub repository.

Thank you @apognu for making this app a reality!

Monthly community interview

As usual, our monthly community interview was published earlier this week. This times, Gordon, early user of the project and current Secretary of the Board discuss his involvement in the project, among other things.

Thank you Ginny and Gordon for this month's interview!

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