Blog post week 2019-42: a quiet time ;)

What has happened since last time?

It's been rather quiet lately. After the 0.20 release on October 4th, we took some time to rest, and we're slowly getting back to work.

Funkwhale 0.20.1

As with most new big releases, with introduced a few bugs in Funkwhale 0.20. We'll be releasing Funkwhale 0.20.1 by the end of the month to address some annoying bugs.

It will also bring several enhancements, like a retry button for failed uploads and consistent placeholder and call to actions when there is no content on a page.

You can follow the progress here, don't hesitate to report any bug you may encounter!

Starting the work for the next release

We've also started to work on the next release. We've agreed on a roadmap with the community, and began with the sidebar/navigation redesign.

It's not complete yet, but we should have a demo to provide for the next blog entry ;)

Podcasts/channels development should start in november, and we'll soon make some announcements regarding how we plan to organize the development and implementation of the feature.

A dedicated website for Retribute

We've been rather silent about the progress of Retribute, but we've been working on a dedicated website for the project, and expect to launch it next week. Stay tuned!

Monthly interview

Our september interview was published recently. If you want to learn more about Sporiff and his involvement in the Funkwhale project and community, you should definitely read it!

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