Blog post week 2019-30

What happened since last time?

We couldn't publish last week's post, but we're going to make it up today ;)


Two weeks ago, we had our first brainstorming session to come up with a basic roadmap for Retribute. The full meeting notes are available on the forum, but to sum it up, our initial goal is to set up a basic website to introduce the project by the end of September!

Funkwhale Feature Request: Timer

Ginny opened a request for a timer feature in the player, to automatically stop playback after a given time or number of tracks. Feel free to leave it a thumbs up or some comments regarding the design proposal.

Funkwhale Development: Publicly shareable playlist

There has been an ongoing forum discussion about sharable playlists. We're still trying to figure out the potential implications, so don't hesitate to jump in to help us ;)

Tags implementation is completed

After roughly a month of development (and many, many more of design and discussions), the second big feature to land in Funkwhale 0.20 is complete, or almost.

Funkwhale will now successfully extract genres from audio files, and expose it, in the form of hashtags. Those tags can be associated to artists, albums and individual tracks, are broadcasted over federation, and can be used for search, discovery and radios.

The feature has been deployed on, so if you want to access hundreds of hours of #Electronic music, you know where to go!

Single command install script

A new, simpler installation method for Funkwhale is in review stage. It's a unique script that can be run on any Debian or Ubuntu server and that will give you a fully functioning Funkwhale instance.

Give it a try and tell us how it worked for you :)

By @Funkwhale in Announcement