Blog post, week 2019-28

What happened since last time ?

Report option on everything

This is one of the big features on the 0.20 roadmap, and discussions about actual design started recently. You should definitely have a look and voice your ideas!



This afternoon, we're having a brainstorming session about Retribute with people willing to help. Join us on Matrix if you wish. (This will be text only).


Alextee opened a discussion on the terms we use to qualify the different actors in Retribute and made a few suggestions to use less corporate vocabulary:

  • "creators" → artists
  • "consuming" → appreciating
  • "content" → works
  • "compensation" → support

You can join the discussion here, give your opinion and make your own suggestions if you have any :)

Hardening security in Funkwhale

This week, Agate submitted a Merge Reques to increase the security of the web app and reduce the attack surface in case of a successful exploit.

If you have some knowledge on the topic, we could use your review there ;)

First board meeting

The Board, which involves Audrey, Linda and Gordon had a meeting this Monday.

Minutes of the meeting will be shared, but in the meantime, we can already tell you we're making progress on the administrative parts of the collective, and we'll soon have a bank account to receive donations and membership fees.

By @Funkwhale in Announcement