Blog post, week 2019-27

What happened since last time?

Retribute website creation

3 main audiences were identified : creators, developers and contributors.

Ginny suggested to address them with a few sentences for each on the front page. She also suggested we could add some artwork. Robin said he would be happy to work on this.

Retribute first spec draft

The very first specification draft for Retribute is now public for review, and we're looking for feedback about it.

It's nowhere near complete, but it's a first step to gather some feedback and building a solid, efficient and adequate specification!

New landing page

The landing page (before log in) has been granted a redesign. There is already an initial wireframe to work from. There is still a lot of work to be done. You can join the effort here

Custom CSS

As part of the landing page redesign, we're now offering custom CSS, configurable directly from the pod settings. This feature will land in Funkwhale 0.19.2.

Tags/genre implementation started

It's the second big feature in the 0.20 release, and implementation work started this week. Nothing to show yet, because the work happens at a low-level, but we'll keep you updated ;)


One of the most popular feature requests is related to audio scrobbling.

However given the variety of scrobbling services, maintaining a connector for each of them in Funkwhale doesn't seem like a good idea on the long term. That's why we started to discuss the possible implementation of a plugin system for this kind of use cases.

If you have some experience as a plugin author and want to contribute to the design of this plugin system, let us know!

The collective is up!

We got the confirmation from the french authorities and The Funkwhale Collective is now legally a thing!

Next steps are: opening a bank account then communicate with our community so interested individuals can become members of the collective.

By @Funkwhale in Announcement