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yet another test 2

just to see how much time it takes to federate…

By Écrivain ⋅ November 20 ⋅ Mon blog

Weblate #01 - Créer un projet de traduction

Comment créer un projet de traduction, étape par étape, sur Weblate ?

By BoF ⋅ November 20 ⋅ lesouk

Latium de Romain Lucazeau

Un petit résumé pour commencer ? Non ? Bon ben tant pis alors... L’homme a disparu subitement il y a des milliers d’années. Ne reste que des IA créées par l’Homme. Ces entités se sont installées dan…

By christ_off / blog ⋅ November 19 ⋅ christ_off_lecture

Critique de l'article "Before and After: Gender Transitions, Human Capital, and Workplace Experiences" et de sa réception

Bon. On va donc parler de cet article : http://www.econ.nyu.edu/user/wiswall/research/schilt_wiswall_transsexual.pdf Pour commencer sur la revue, visiblement le journal s’est depuis fait racheté et ap…

By Luna ⋅ November 19 ⋅ Luna

Test 2

By Luna ⋅ November 19 ⋅ Luna

A Guide to Git for Translators

...or better, what i do for manage my repositories from my phone

By Sylke Vicious ⋅ November 19 ⋅ Sylke Vicious thinks

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite: mon avis

J'ai acheté un téléphone (pour mon anniversaire qui arrive bientôt), pour pouvoir transformer mon Y5L en GPS pour des membres de ma famille. Même si je sais que cela permet à certains abrutis de se fo…

By lenbyanargeek ⋅ November 18 ⋅ Blog



By Roka ⋅ November 18 ⋅ Róka

Test 2


By Roka ⋅ November 18 ⋅ Róka


a • a bit • able • about • above • absolutely • accept • access • according to • account • across • act • action • activities • activity • actual • actually • add • added • advice • after • afternoon …

By jansegers ⋅ November 17 ⋅ Plain English, Simple English, Simplified English

Fotografías no outono

fotografías tomadas durante unha camiñada

By XoseM ⋅ November 17 ⋅ Contribuíndo ao fediverso

Review: The Sun Prince, the Saint and the Changeling

A thrilling and not so unrealistic gay romance

By typochon ⋅ November 16 ⋅ Various reviews

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Announcing Funkwhale Sync #1, let's build Funkwhale together!

A french version of this entry is available here. A few days ago, Troll suggested in our Matrix room that we could have a regular meeting with the community, to discuss important topics, organize thi…

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ October 27 ⋅ Announcements

Funkwhale Sync #1 : construisons Funkwhale ensemble

Cet article est disponible en anglais ici. Il y a quelques jours Troll a suggéré sur notre salon Matrix que nous organisions régulièrement une réunion avec la communauté, afin de discuter des sujets …

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ October 27 ⋅ Announcements

Funkwhale 0.17 is out!

Spoiler: after more than three months of work and two weeks of testing, it's the most awesome one ;) What's new? We communicated a lot on the biggest change already, which is the brand new way of up…

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ October 7 ⋅ Announcements

Anti-harrasment tools

There is an ongoing discussion on PeerTube's issue tracker about adding an option do disable the auto-approval of follows from other servers, as a preventive measure to avoid being harassed. At the mo…

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ October 5 ⋅ Announcements

Funkwhale 0.17 is almost ready!

If you're following the project development, you probably know that not much visible happened since the the last big release, in july. The reason for that is that the development effort was focused on…

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ September 26 ⋅ Announcements

Help Funkwhale grow: support the project financially on Open Collective!

From january to july 2018, we've been receiving donations on Liberapay. However, in July, Liberapay had some troubles with their payment provider, and we had to look into other options to fund our pro…

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ September 11 ⋅ Announcements

Funkwhale: past, present... and future?

Funkwhale started as a personal project three years ago, in reponse to Grooveshark being shut down. As of today, new instances are poping up every week, the project is getting traction and attracting …

By funkwhale / blog ⋅ September 3 ⋅ Announcements