Logbook, week 1 (2018-49)

Written by funkwhale / blog December 7, 2018

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This week developments have been focused on three main aspects:

Project management

The discussion about the project structure is open. Should we create a non-profit around the project? Investigate other options?

Having some feedback and suggestions from the community would be incredibly helpful to avoid pitfalls and ensure we go in the right direction.

This will be discussed in Junuary during Funkwhale Sync #2. The date is not fixed yet, we're waiting for more answers on the date poll before pinning the meeting slot.


No big changes since last week on the Open Collective side.

I do have good news though: my former colleagues from PeopleDoc collected money for the project before I left, and I started a call for proposals on the forum to discuss what we should to with this funding. Your input is wanted!



It was my first actual week of work on the project, and it went pretty well. I kept office hours, (9:30-17:30 everyday), and I could enjoy my evening without thinking about Funkwhale at all. This did not happen for a long, long time!

I'd say immedialy setting up a calendar with explicit tasks was a good move, so was maintaining a daily worklog.

My typical work week

I'm expecting to feel a bit lonely next week, and I'll try to work from different places to prevent that.

See you next friday!

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switching.social switchingsocial@mastodon.at


Congrats on keeping the office hours, it's a challenge for self-employed people 💪 👍

MCMic come@social.chilliet.eu

@funkwhale About the money from your former colleagues it feels like a bad idea to dedicate it to a specific thing.

This early in your project you’ll have a hard time collecting money I think so it would make more sense to put it in the global budget.