Logbook, week 0 (2018-48)

Today's a special day. If you remember,

it's my very last day of work at PeopleDoc, the company I've been working for over the last 14 months.

As early as next monday, I will be technically unemployed, and able to dedicate more time to the project. I expect the change of rythm and context to be quite brutal, and I'm currently looking for ways to preserve

the momentum I have from my current position.

Transitioning from a traditional job - eventhough I worked remotely - with meetings, schedules, (brilliant) colleagues, external goals and all the daily routine to a completely different setting, well, it's scary, and exciting,

at the same time.

Part of my efforts to keep this momemtum will go into a weekly log I intend to publish every friday. For you, this log will be the occasion to get news, facts and insights about what's actually going on for Funkwhale. As for myself, I hope it will be a - rather fun - way to structure my week and motivate myself ;)

I want this log to be accessible and understandable by everyone, which is why I will not talk in-depth about software engineering in those logs, and focus on the bigger picture instead:

  • What is the progress on the next version?
  • What happened in the community?
  • What interesting contributions did we receive?
  • How are things going financially for Funkwhale?

Since it's the first entry in the logbook, I'll mention things that happened during november (and not only last week).


Most of my development work in november have been focused on the contribution guides,

which are now up at https://contribute.funkwhale.audio/. In addition to the code

needed to make the website actually work, a lot of effort and time was needed to write the guide themselves, and to

setup a proper process for translators to translate the site.

Given how recent this is, I have to say I'm amazed we already have a full Italian translation and almost complete Arabic

translation, respectively contributed by \@SylkeVicious and \@ButterflyOfFire, as well as a cute logo designed by \@troll!

Contribution guides logo, by \@troll

More recently, I started to work again on an important feature for the 0.18 release: have Funkwhale understand music licenses``{=html}. Part of the work was already done by [\@renon](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/renon/ "renon") and I spent half of the development time [researching about licenses](https://mastodon.eliotberriot.com/web/statuses/101150980790498722), how they work, how we can modelize them and use them in Funkwhale, etc. Fun fact: there are at least 350 possible combinations of Creative Commons licenses!

Overall, the [0.18 release is progressing fairly well](https://code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhale/funkwhale/issues/580), and half of the planned tickets are already closed. Once the work on licenses is done, I plan to shift my focus on the moderation tools``{=html}, which is the last big remaining feature to implement for this release. ## Finances Funkwhale is currently earning around 75€ a month on [Open Collective](https://opencollective.com/funkwhale), and this does not even include one-time donations. Many thanks for your trust and support! ## Contributions Other recent contributions include: - [An AUR package](https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/funkwhale/) that will probably interest ArchLinux users, as well as [a dedicated entry in the ArchLinux Wiki](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Funkwhale) ([\@getzze](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/getzze/ "getzze") - Several bugfixes ([](https://code.eliotberriot.com/nykopol)[\@nykopol](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/nykopol/ "nykopol")) - [German translations](https://translate.funkwhale.audio/projects/funkwhale/front/de/#history) for Funkwhale's web UI ([](https://translate.funkwhale.audio/user/jovuit/)[\@jovuit](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/jovuit/ "jovuit"), [](https://translate.funkwhale.audio/user/turion/)[\@turion](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/turion/ "turion"), [](https://translate.funkwhale.audio/user/max.lutterbeck/)[\@max.lutterbeck](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/max.lutterbeck/ "max.lutterbeck")) - [Polish translations](https://translate.funkwhale.audio/projects/funkwhale/front/pl/#history) for Funkwhale's web UI (\[[\@m4sk1n](https://blog.funkwhale.audio/@/m4sk1n/ "m4sk1n")\]https://translate.funkwhale.audio/user/m4sk1n/)) - Funkwhale-specific developments and discussions for the [Play:sub iOS app](https://itunes.apple.com/NL/app/id955329386?mt=8) ([MichaelBechHansen](https://code.eliotberriot.com/MichaelBechHansen)) This list is of course non-exhaustive ;) ## Other - I was interviewed by Jurij Podgorsek and Lio Novelli who host a show called [Tehno Klistir](https://radiostudent.si/dru%C5%BEba/tehno-klistir) in Slovenia. While the show is in Slovene, the interview itself was done in english, and you can listen to it [here](https://radiostudent.si/dru%C5%BEba/tehno-klistir/fragmentacija-federacije) - It happened in early november, but still, we had our first [Funkwhale Sync meeting](https://socialhub.network/t/funkwhale-sync-1/82) and it went pretty well. Organize the next one is part of next week's todo list ;) - There was [an interesting thread on the fediverse about places where you can find music under open licenses](https://mastodon.at/@switchingsocial/101139839783896495) Thank you for reading, see you next week!

By @Funkwhale in