Logbook, week 7 (2019-04)

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This week development time was focused on the 0.18 "Naomi" release, and I'm glad to announce it's out and available! Check-out the changelog for details! TL;DR: it's a really big release, possibly the biggest one in Funkwhale history ;)

We'll be releasing a bugfix release for a few minor issues, probably next week, but overall, it went pretty well!

After the release, on thursday, I spent some time working on https://network.funkwhale.audio, a monitoring tool to collect and display statistics about available Funkwhale instances.

Thanks to that, we'll have the required data to observe of the network is evolving, and dispatch new users to one of the open instances!

Project management

Earlier today, I shared an initial draft for our future non-profit statuses, and your feedback would be appreciated to ensure we're on the right track!

Also, we're approaching February, and it's time to schedule our monthly Funkwhale Sync. Expect some news about that in the coming days :)


I'll be present at Fosdem in Brussels next week. Don't hesitate to say "hi!" if you're attending too!

See you next week!

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