Funkwhale Community Spotlight - Audrey

Happy Monday, Funkwhalers! We're starting a new blog series where every month we'll be spotlighting someone in the community with a small interview. And our first one is today! Give a friendly wave (get it? because whales live in the ocean?) to Audrey!

Name: Audrey

Location: Marseille, France

Pronouns: she/her

Links: , Mastodon

How did you discover Funkwhale?: I’m Agate’s partner, so I suppose that makes me the first beta tester :D

What kind of work are you doing in the project?: I’m the association president

What does the association president do?: With the other people on Funkwhale Collective board, we deal mainly with the administration stuff like creating the association, open a bank account, ect.

What is your favorite part of the project so far?: Seeing Funkwhale grow and more and more people getting involved

What’s something you didn’t know before working with Funkwhale?: At the beginning, Funkwhale was just Agate’s personal project. Friends and I used it time to time to listen to music, but it was mainly private. Now I see a real community!

What do you think is the best thing that’s happening in Funkwhale or the Collective?: Having artists putting their own music on Funkwhale (or people putting theirs own podcasts).

How do you see the Funkwhale project in the future? And the Collective?: I have no idea! I hope The Collective will grow bigger (with more people) and will develop more projects (like Retribute).

Who’s your favorite Funkwhale mascot?: Serenity4ever !

A cartoon stingray and octopus hi-5'ing

What do you do when you aren’t Funkwhaling?: Mostly cooking vegan pastry, running, listening to music (sometimes without using Funkwhale), reading and dreaming.

What is your favorite vegan pastry to make?: My guilty pleasure is chocolate cookie, easy and fast to make and delicious. It’s currently summer, so I really like making fraisier, a very french desert I believe, with strawberries and mint.

Describe your perfect Sunday: Running and hiking in the mountains, big lunch with few friends, nap, waking up and go back to sleep a bit more, some me time reading and movie night!

Thanks Audrey! If you are part of the Funkwhale community and would like to be interviewed for a spotlight on the blog, feel free to let us know!

By @Funkwhale in Community