Funkwhale Community Spotlight - Ana

Happy Monday, Funkwhalers - it's time for our monthly spotlight!

Name: Ana

Location: Grenoble, France

Pronouns: she/her

Links: How did you discover Funkwhale?: I think it was when Agate presented the project publicly on the Fediverse for the first time

What kind of work are you doing in the project?: I helped a little bit on the front-end code at the beggining, today I’m mostly following discussions and eventually taking part in them, but I’m also the maintainer of the Esperanto translation (and I’m very interested by Retribute, so I’m contributing to it as well, but it may be out of scope, I don’t know?). I also built a little application called Mobydick a few months ago, that let you download your Funkwhale music on your computer easily.

What is your favorite part of the project so far?: In Funkwhale itself, I really like that you can share your libraries with other people just by giving them a link, it is a great way to discover new artists! More generally, I’m really impressed by all the efforts that are made to make the project as open and welcoming for everyone as possible.

What do you do when you aren’t Funkwhaling?: I’m working on another Fediverse app (Plume, the blogging application that powers this blog). Otherwise, I really like climbing. And I listen to a lot of music too (sometimes on Funkwhale, sometimes not ^^).

Could you introduce a bit more Plume for people who don’t know it already?: Plume is a federated blogging platform. Concretely it means that your Plume blogs can be followed from Mastodon, Pleroma or other Plume instances, and that you can comment, like and share them with your Fediverse account.

Working on different FOSS/Fediverse projects, what do you find is the most rewarding part?: Seeing people interested by your project is really great! I’m super happy every time I see someone publishing their article on Plume, or sharing music they like on Funkwhale. When you see that, you feel like you have been useful and that it was worth it to spend time on this project.

And what do you find are the most difficult parts to deal with?: It is not especially the case with Funkwhale, because of my role in the project, but with Plume I find it difficult to “manage” a community around the project: finding balance between what you personally wanted for the project, and what people using it want, but also encouraging people to get involved.

Who’s your favorite Funkwhale mascot?: That’s a hard one ^^ I would say Wanda! But I love them all.

Funkwhale whales

Describe your perfect Sunday: I think I would love to go in to the mountains with a few friends and spend the whole day climbing! But actually, my perfect Sunday could be almost anything, as long as I’m with people I like.

Thank you, Ana! And thanks to all of our Funkwhalers! If you'd like to be featured for a spotlight, feel free to let us know. :)

By @Funkwhale in Community