Funkwhale 1.1 has been released

Hello there!

Funkwhale 1.1 has been released this afternoon, and we encourage all pod admins to upgrade, as this version contains no breaking changes, and many improvements and bugfixes.

Many thanks to Georg for managing and publishing this release and to our amazing community of testers, contributors, developers, users, admins, designers and translators!

What's new?

You can read the full changelog, but here is an excerpt of the main changes and enhancements included in this release:

  • Support for AIFF file format
  • More user-friendly subsonic tokens
  • New search functions to allow users to more easily search for podcasts in the UI
  • Brand new ListenBrainz plugin to submit listenings

This release also fix a lot issues on both the UI and the backend.

Happy upgrade <3

By @Funkwhale in Release