Blog post week 2020-08: some podcasts news, and a meetup

What has happened since last time?

Funkwhale Meetup in Paris

We had our first meetup in Paris last Saturday and spent a lovely afternoon at L'Imprévu Café, with Funkwhale friends and crew. Thank you for joining us, and if you couldn't be there this time, don't worry, we'll have other meetups in the future!

Podcasts news

After the RSS feature from last month, we've continued podcasts development slowly but steadily. In particular, it's now possible to:

  • Create, manage and remove channels through the UI
  • Upload files, edit metadata and publish tracks through the UI

In particular, the uploader supports batch uploads, publish later, and adding covers and descriptions to individual tracks.

All this work is done in a single branch, and is expected to land in the main branch this week. Right now, we're gathering feedback from our fellow podcasters to polish everything, and adding the missing bits ;)

It's a short blog entry today. See you next time!

By @Funkwhale in Announcement