October update

Hi everyone!

Another month, another blog post. Let's jump in to some of the things that have been happening recently with the Funkwhale project.

Funkwhale for Android™ is on F-Droid

After the announcement last month we've been doing some work behind the scenes to make it easier for you to get your hands on Funkwhale for Android™ (FFA). You can now grab FFA directly from the official F-Droid repository, which means you no longer have to set up an external repository! We'd like to thank the F-Droid team for their help on this project 🥂

Work is still ongoing to get the app into the Google Play Store, which is proving more of a challenge due to Google's opaque review process. We'll keep you all updated of our progress as we continue 💪

Changes to our Open Collective

We've been using Open Collective as a donation platform for a few years now. Recently, we noticed that we could tweak some settings to remove platform fees from donations. This means that 100% of the money you donate goes to the project directly 💵

There's still a discussion to be had with the community about how we want to use the funds raised by the collective since we're able to handle our hosting costs pretty handily. Once we've got some more ideas we'll open up the discussion to the whole community to get your input.

Funkwhale updates

As always, the project continues to power on with updates and new features. To highlight a few:

  • We've made the volume slider even more slidey with stepless adjustment support. Now that's sleek 🤩
  • A recent update gives you a nice visual indicator when you've copied your Subsonic password. You know, just so you're sure 🔒
  • We're still working on some layout changes and visual overhauls to track tables and the app user menu. These are big changes so we're taking some time to clean them up and make sure they're as good as we want them to be 🛁

That wraps it up for this month! Thanks for reading. We'll be back next month with more news.

By @Funkwhale in Announcement