November update

Hello there!

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October has come to an end and the winter is now upon us. Time for some updates to keep you warm and cosy ☕️

Deprecating the All-In-One-Container deployment

As announced in a recent blog post, we're deprecating the AIO-Container deployment method originally created by @michaelmob. Check out the post for more information about our decision and our plan for the future. If you're currently using this deployment method: don't panic! We're going to continue supporting it for the immediate future and will provide a migration path to the multi-container deployment 💪

Multiarch image support

Low power devices are getting more and more popular these days. Since our software is self-hosted, we want you to be able to run it on as many devices as possible. This month we have added initial support for multiarch Docker containers, meaning you will be able to run Funkwhale on ARM devices following the same instructions as our standard amd64 deployment 👩‍💻

New track table supports

We teased this a little while ago, but after some more work we have finally merged our new track table design 🎉

Previously, our track tables were just that: tables. They didn't really work well on mobile and were a bit inflexible. Plus, we had different tables all over the app. It was a bit of a nightmare to be honest!

Following designs submitted by @mjourdan, @sporiff and @georgkrause have worked hard to create a new, responsive way of playing music in Funkwhale.

Desktop view

The new track table view on desktop includes a neater way of presenting tracks. At a glance, you can easily see what track is playing thanks to our fancy new play indicator. You can also quickly tell what tracks are already in your favorites by looking out for the pink heart 💗

Mobile view

On mobile, we've adopted a modal-driven design to track controls. This means that the UI is not cluttered up with controls. You can tap the track to start playing it immediately, or click on the three dot context menu to show all other commands.

This approach should make it easier to play music on your mobile devices 📱

New about page

A screenshot of our new "About" page layout

Our default "About" page was getting a bit tired, so @mjourdan kindly whipped up a fancy new design. While there's still some work to do, @cone has completed the initial merge request and we'll continue to tweak it to make sure it's ready for the prime time soon 😎

Other highlights

The last few weeks have been quite eventful in the Funkwhale world! We're gearing up for the 1.2 release and have been finishing up some fun features and bugfixes.

  • @phw added a new plugin for sending listens to maloja 🔌
  • @devilcius fixed an issue that caused the player to jump to the last track in the queue when you removed the last entry 🎵
  • @devilcius added artist cover art support to our Subsonic API 🖼
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