Blog post week 2020-06: more funding and development news

What has happened since last time?

Regarding our funding

As announced in our previous blog post, NLNet granted us 47,500€ to work on critical items in the Funkwhale roadmap.

If you want to learn more about the details, and what tasks the funding will apply to, we've published an in-depth forum post about it.

This link will take you to our testing platform, and the new "Channel" screen. The next screens to be implemented are the user profiles, followed by the channel management and upload screens!

Installing Funkwhale from source

In order to have a test platform for the incoming podcasts/channels feature, we've reworked our Ansible playbook to support installing from source.

This means it's now possible and really easy to deploy a specific branch of Funkwhale that isn't merged, or even your custom fork/repository! If you're willing to test this, have a look at the brand new "Installing from source" in the Ansible playbook repository.

Development news

In addition to this, development has continued in various areas:

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