My VoidLinuxWay

It is a journey inside-out GNU+Linux based on VoidLinux

I like to play with Linux. For the last 5 years it is my almost only OS I use day-to-day.

I've tried a lot of distros hopping from one to another to find the greatest one. At some point I've got it, there is no need to find the best distro, you just catch what best fits your needs and stay with it.

My daily driver was (and sometimes is) HP Probook 4545s with Ubuntu Mate/i3wm on the board. There also was Windows preinstalled and occasionally I used it for some extra stuff which required only that OS.

With a new-used laptop ThinkPad T480s I've decided to have different approach (yeah, GNU/Linux is all about difference, isn't it? ;) ), and do not use anything that could not be freely, easily and natively used on Linux.

I would dive deep into OSes structures and kernel, I would like to know how internally that works.

Void Linux has become the distro I would play with. I do like to have runit as init and supervisor system since there are a lot of space to fall in, it has no so extended docs and community to blindly just follow instructions 'push here, add there, and everything works', there is always something unopened, and new, at least for me o_0