A first test post

123 testing

Written by Gidi Kroon December 2, 2018

First steps

Since everybody else is making tests posts, this is mine.

Looks like the ~~scratch this~~ mark down is not working...

Some more Markdown, like code or code blocks:

System.out.println("Hello World!");
alert("Hello World!");

Looks like there's no syntax highlighting.

Lets have a table

Nr Column Another Column
Row 1 Yep That's row 1
Row 2 Another row

That's only sort of table-ish

Let's quote myself:

First steps

Since everybody else is making tests posts, this is mine.

Ok, so quoting doesn't work either.

Hmm, after editing a few times the tags disappear

Hmm, looks like they are never published at all


Basic blogging seems possible, but with some layout limitations. Inline pictures would be nice.


It would be nice if you could crosspost to, say, Tumblr.

And if you could reblog posts with or without adding content. Like Tumblr. Maybe we can, I haven't tried.

I have tried now: boosting of posts is possible, but you can't add content, or boost it again, etc. So the very long conversations that keep getting blogged around and appear on people's dash are not possible here.

Like Tumblr, you can edit your post after publishing, which is nice.

Media Gallery

Like this screenshot shows:

Plume media gallery screenshot with one item

The media gallery lacks a preview. It also lacked markdown code to copy, nor was the photo available in the illustrations drop down. That was with a jpeg photo. Obviously, with the above screenshot it all worked as it should; that was a png.

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Gidi Kroon

For now, just testing this out. On Mastodon as @GidiKroon@mastodon.social

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