So What's this going to be?

Written by Firebird Fiction January 9, 2019

A while back I started publishing Tales of the First, a superhero webserial, on blogger. For various reason it petered out in late 2016 and I've been intending to get back to it ever since. However since then I've done some work on the worldbuilding so I really need to start from scratch.

That's what this blog is going to be. The place I post the Serial.

Over on blogger I was posting 250-300 words a day, but here I'm going to try a different schedule. 900-1100 words twice weekly on Wednesday and Sunday. Since today is Wednesday I will try to get the first installment up this evening but I do suspect it will be Sunday.

For now let's continue with the Blurb:

Superheroes aren't real – or at least they weren't, until now.

Sienna is enjoying a sunny Saturday with her friends in Castleham when a meteor explodes above the town, injuring hundreds and causing massive damage. In the immediate aftermath, a strange magenta mist boils from the ground to envelop Castleham, causing one of Sienna's friends to collapse. As the girls race to the hospital, a man attacks them. Sienna defends her friends, instinctively using psychokinetic powers she'd never had before.

As the town recovers from the disaster, it becomes apparent that Sienna is not the only one to develop powers – and someone is hunting them all down. She just wants to lay low while she figures out what's happened to her, but she may not have a choice.

If you think that sounds like your kind of thing why not follow so you never miss an installment. :-)

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